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Off 13: The Eastern Shore of Virginia Guidebook, now in its tenth printing, is our best seller with over 28,000 copies sold. The 196-page book has 27 maps and was updated in 2010. It contains driving and walking tours which direct you to and explain sights of interest, tidbits of history and folklore, and a complete listing of where to eat, sleep, and shop--even where to get your car fixed.
Once Upon An Island: The History of Chincoteague is both good, sound history and a "fun read" for anyone who is fascinated by colorful, celebrated Chincoteague Island. The 224-page book contains 86 pictures and illustrations and four maps which was also updated in 2010.
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Off 13 and Once Upon an Island each sells for $17.95 plus 81¢ sales tax and
$2.50 shipping and handling ($21.26)
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Almost an Island: the History of Saxis, Va.
160 pages of photos and maps (both old and new) and an easy-to-read narrative of Saxis' history. $19.95 plus $1 tax and $2.50 shipping and handling
Glimpses of a Vanished Eastern Shore
144 pages of pictures & descriptions of sites on the Eastern Shore of Virginnia which are no longer standing. More than 100 pictures. $19.95 plus $1 tax and $2.50 shipping and handling
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Slave and Free on Virginia's Eastern Shore
More Books By Kirk Mariner
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God's Island: The History of Tangier. Most small Virginia towns go about their daily routines in quiet obscurity, but Tangier, Virginia (population 650), frequently captures the notice and interest of the outside world. Here at last is the full history of this island and its people. This 186-page book contains over 90 photographs and illustrations and 11 maps. It is fully cited and footnoted for the true historian. God's Island sells for $17.95 plus sales tax and shipping (total $21.26).
True Tales of the
Eastern Shore
Shortly after her husband's death, a young widow is murdered while sitting in her rocking chair....
Five children at play are visited daily by a strange woman in black, who disappears mysteriously when she reaches the doorstep....
The Union army, heading south to suppress insurrection, is duped by a local farmer into traveling ten miles out of its way, while greatly outnumbered rebels escape to safety....
The President of the United States drops in at a farmhouse while on a hunting trip, and meets a little boy who bears the name of his greatest political enemy....
Scheduled to open on a tiny island, a traveling circus must figure out how to get a 2,775 pound elephant across the waters of the Chesapeake Bay....
...These are just a few of the True Tales of Virginia's Eastern Shore, a storied little peninsula east of the Chesapeake, fervently Virginian despite being attached geographically to Maryland. This varied collection, spanning four centuries, began as separate articles in "Chronicles," Kirk Mariner's column of local history in the Eastern Shore News. It is filled, of course, with the exploits, follies, and accomplishments of the people of the Shore, but also with appearances from a surprising number of prominent figures from "across the bay:" presidents and generals, preachers and abolitionists, spies, saloon wreckers, pirates, photographers, and politicians. And all of it is (as the title says) true.
This is Mariner's seventh book about his native Eastern Shore, and once again he combines careful research and good writing. Almost every corner of the Eastern Shore of Virginia has its tale, and this book is further proof that Mariner is among the peninsula's best story-tellers.
Cost is $17.95 plus 81¢ tax and
$2.50 shipping = total $21.26
A CD of "church" music
written and performed by
Kirk Mariner
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It is not, repeat not your church that Kirk Mariner is singing about in these songs!
But if you're familiar with the foibles and idiosyncrasies of church congregations, you'll probably be tempted to think you know exactly who he's singing about.
After a lifetime in the church, and 35 years in the ministry, Mariner gives us the real scoop of what the local church is like, singing it like it is. In what sounds like church music he introduces us to:
- the decrepit organist, determined to keep going despite advancing age,
- the ladies hard at work on the all-consuming annual bazaar,
- the Sunday School scholar who's Biblical knowledge is a bit dicey,
- preachers who forget how important it is to get the congregation home by noon, and
- the congregation gathered for what it does best of all: eating.
Mariner's satire includes not only a dig at the preachers out there in "radioland," but also at preachers up there in the pulpit -- of which he is one. Nobody escapes!
Irreverent? For sure. (Don't attempt this at home if you're inclined to stuffiness and pomposity.) But in his last song Mariner shows his true colors. After all, surely the willingness to admit how far short we fall of the goal, and to laugh at ourselves for it, is a virtue worthy of Christians.
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Revival's Children
Only 8-12 copies left of this classic reference book on the religious history of Virginia's Eastern Shore.$89.95 plus $4.05 tax and $2.50 shipping and handling
CD cost is $15 including tax, plus $2.50 shipping and handling charges. ($17.50)
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If you have QuickTime Player, Windows Media Player or Real Player you can listen to "Those Good Old Songs"
Open QuickTime Player and Media Player Under File Open URL
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Church Basement Songs
1 Those Good Old Songs
2 Young Adult Bible Class
3 Every Church Will Get Some Folk to Heaven,
but the Baptists Have Chartered a Bus
4 Nobody Drinks Till the Bishop Is Gone
5 Near the Choir
6The Third Verse
7 Keep Them Cards and Letters Coming
8 Fanny J. Crosby, Where Are You Now?
9 The Potluck Proof of God
10 Biblical Truth
11 O Bishop, My Bishop
12 No Bazaars When Jesus Comes
13 The Sermon
14 The Church Still Alive