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color cedar waxwings vertical
color stuart xmas decorating
A flock of cedar waxwings landed on a tree in a Meadows of Dan backyard. 12/3/2014
Town of Stuart employees put up Christmas decorations this past week. (Photos by Linda Hylton) 12/03/14
Pioneer Community Hospital's new emergency department is now open. The ER entrance is located in the front of the building (facing U.S. Rt. 58) with access from Woodland Drive. There is a change in the traffic pattern. It is one-way only when entering from Woodland Drive.
color parade/santa
Santa Claus was the traditional concluding "act" of the 2014 Patrick County Christmas Parade, held Saturday on a beautiful not-quite-winter day. (Photos by Linda Hylton)
color manger/wayside/laugh
Hunter Heath and Emily Trent portrayed Joseph and Mary in the Christmas program at Wayside Community Church last week. The program also featured angels, shepherds, wise men and a choir in the telling of the Christmas story. (Photos by Linda Hylton) 12/24/2014
color cardinal
A cardinal perched on a snow-covered limb might be sending New Year's greetings--except he's probably too cold to sing. (Photo by Linda Hylton)
color gas $1.93
Gas prices are reaching their lowest level in years, encouraging local residents to "fill 'er up" and wonder how long this state of affairs will last. This photo was snapped at Howell's Grocery on Tuesday. (Photo by Linda Hylton)
color emt 1 class
This EMT-Enhanced class, taught by Ted Anderson (center, kneeling), is an example of the achievements of Patrick County volunteers. Pictured (left to right) are: John Scott, Garrett Goad, Annie Kontrallis, Pat Shouse, Mike Sink, Casey Irwin, Pamela Smith, Dustin Foley, Daniel Bryant, Erica Cipko, Debbie Bowman, Gary Layman, Tina Hodge, Robert (Buster) Cowdrey, Ellen Hylton, Karen Cowdrey, and Adam Wood. 1/21/15
color ice on trees/sunset
Late-day sunshine on trees coated with ice bring back memories of autumn creating an interesting palette of colors. (Photo by Linda Hylton) 1/28/2015