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color igloo
Madison and Kaitlyn Stowe pose with the igloo they built using the deepest snowfall this area has seen in several years--about 15 inches in Stuart up to 28 inches in the mountainous area. (Photo by Jeryl Stowe) 2/19/14
Daffodils are always among the first flowers to bloom in the spring. (Photo by Linda Hylton)
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color fire
Fire destroyed this mobile home in Patrick Springs Monday.
color snow on mtns/4 col
A few inches of snow fell Thursday, creating this beautiful view of the mountains north of Stuart, as seen from Wayside Road. The number of missed school days in Patrick County rose to 20. The latest bout of winter weather was followed by balmy days in the 60s and 70s. (Photo by Stephen Henderson) 3/12/14
color crocus
MORE MARCH MADNESS--from March winds, showers, snow, ice, rime and freezing rain to spells of soothing warmth--and tomorrow is the first day of spring. Crocuses are blooming. (Photo by Linda Hylton)
color courthouse
Work is progressing on the addition to the Patrick County Courthouse, the enclosure of the old porch under the steps to the courtroom. When the room is completed, it will have the only entrance into the clerk's office and courthouse, protected by a metal detector. The purpose of the renovation is improved security, county officials said.. 3/26/14
color hmstd/julie & model
Julie Walters-Steele, director of the Reynolds Homestead, displays Virginia Tech architecture students' conceptual design of the planned Community Enrichment Center, which will include a cafe and marketplace, an interpretive history of the Reynolds family, a theater, a training kitchen for culinary classes, an arts studio and gallery, and other new facilities. A March 29 program featuring Lisa Martin, Mary Sue Terry, Shaun Spencer Hester, Matthew Traucht and Walters-Steele illustrated the past, present and future of the Homestead. (Photo by Nancy Lindsey) 4/2/14
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The branch of a blooming Yoshino cherry tree at Moody Funeral Home framed an early morning view of DeHart Park. (Photo by Linda Hylton) 4/9/2014