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Adkins announces run for Virginia Senate
Former Martinsville Mayor Kim Adkins has announced that she is challenging Republican Sen. Bill Stanley for the 20th District seat in the Virginia Senate.
Adkins, the Democratic candidate, officially opened her campaign headquarters in Martinsville on April 6. The opening was celebrated with the support and endorsement of Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam.
Adkins said her philosophy of government is based on her learning to be a conscientious worker when she was only an eighth-grader.
That was when she started working in her parents' auto body shop.
"Nearly every Saturday, I would wash every vehicle that came through the shop," she said. "It could have been in for a fender-bender or a complete overhaul. My father insisted every car had to be washed and detailed, inside and out, until it was spotless, by me.
"When I asked my dad why, his response surprised me. I expected him to say that it was about providing good customer service, but his reasoning was deeper than that," Adkins said. "He said that for most of our customers, when they left their car with us, they were leaving their most valued possession in our care. Their car was the most expensive thing they owned. My dad wanted to make sure that when we returned it, it was in better condition than they left it in.
"That lesson has stayed with me, not only in my experience as a small business owner, but also in my experience as a mayor," Adkins said. "Elected officials are charged with a similar responsibility by taxpayers. We are entrusted to take care of some of the most valuable aspects of our communities' lives: our economic environment, children's education and public safety, and we have an obligation to work hard and do all we can to make sure that we leave them better than we found them."
Adkins said those are the reasons why, as mayor, she fought for the expansion of Martinsville's fiber-optic network, "making it one of the fastest systems in the nation," because "that's the kind of infrastructure we need to attract and keep entrepreneurs."
That sense of responsibility is also why she worked to accomplish a major renovation of the city's high school and to secure new funding for the New College Institute, a medical school, and ongoing funding for the community college, she said, "because our children deserve access to high-quality educational opportunities at every stage of their development."
"And that's why I fought successfully to strengthen protective orders against repeat offenders, because victims of violence deserve to feel safe at work and in their homes," Adkins said.
"I am committed to putting the people of the district before partisan politics," Adkins said. "I will work passionately to support legislation that will enhance and provide growth to the middle class."
Adkins said her vision includes "creating an environment for businesses to thrive; advancing cradle to career initiatives where subsidies in early childhood education are tied directly to quality; providing job training programs that are industry-recognized, leading to jobs in the region, and restoring funding to our local first responders."
To find out more about Adkins, visit her campaign website at Adkinsforsenate.com.
The 20th District is composed of all of Henry and Patrick Counties, the cities of Galax and Martinsville, and portions of Carroll, Franklin, Halifax and Pittsylvania Counties, and the city of Danville.