Eight apply for interim Peters Creek board seat
By Nancy Lindsey
The Patrick County Board of Supervisors plans to interview four candidates for the position of Peters Creek District supervisor in a special meeting at 7 p.m. on Friday, March 27, in the second-floor conference room of the Patrick County Veterans' Memorial Building.
The person selected will be appointed to an interim term until the end of 2015, filling the vacancy created by the resignation of former Peters Creek District Supervisor Lock Boyce.
Boyce resigned from the board, effective March 5, after moving from a residence in the Peters Creek District to another residence in the Mayo River District. He owns homes in both districts.
Boyce has said he plans to run against Mayo River District Supervisor Danny Foley in that district, but has not yet made a formal announcement.
The board of supervisors received eight applications for the interim appointment by the deadline of March 23, county officials said.
The board members narrowed the applicants down to four after discussing them in executive session at the board meeting Monday night.
No decision was made after the closed session Monday, and it is not known when a decision will be made following the interview process Friday night.
However, local officials say there is some sense of urgency in naming an interim supervisor because the board is in the process of developing the 2015-2016 county budget, which should be considered by representatives of all five districts in the county.
The Peters Creek District seat will be open for candidates to run in the Nov. 4 general election, and the winner will serve a four-year term beginning in January of 2016.
County Attorney Alan Black said last week that there will be no special election to choose a Peters Creek District supervisor because the resignation occurred during a year with a general election.
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Terry runs for re-election
Blue Ridge District school board member Ronnie Terry has announced that he will seek re-election to a third term on the Patrick County School Board.
"I would like to thank all those that have supported me in the last seven years while I have been on the school board," Terry said in a news release. "My family, friends, people of the Blue Ridge District and all of Patrick County."
There have been a lot of changes in the school system since he was first elected to the board, Terry said.
"As I came in the board had just begun the process of upgrading all seven schools in Patrick County," Terry said. "That took a lot of my time for several years.
"Then just after we finished the upgrades, before we had time to relax we had the fire at Meadows of Dan," he said. "This hit myself and the whole community hard as it would any community in the county.
"I remember being asked the day after the fire if we would rebuild," Terry said. "It never crossed my mind that we wouldn't. The whole board agreed and we began the process to rebuild.
"This was a hard time for the community and kids. But the people from all over Patrick County and beyond came in with help in the form of manpower, books, tables, chairs, money--it was unbelievable. This shows the kind of special people we have in the county."
Now, Terry said, he is looking forward to getting back and working on other school issues, such as funding.
"We have some of the best teachers, bus drivers, administrators you'll find anywhere," Terry said. "They all do what our new superintendent says, 'put kids first,' every day. I think it's time we help them and give them a raise, for what they do they are under-paid. But they stay and work hard every day, so we need to find a way to make that happen."
Terry said the school system has many needs, such as additional teachers, replacing old computers and SmartBoards, and "the list goes on."
He said he would like to work with other funding sources, such as grants and foundations.
"As you know the state giveth and the state taketh away," Terry said. "You never know what they'll do next. The local economy isn't in shape to help a lot, but I am hopeful that the board of supervisors will find a way to help us with some of the needs this year.
"I'm not saying money will fix it all but it will go a long way and give us one less thing to worry about," Terry said. "Even though we are financially struggling and have been, we are one of the top school systems in Virginia. This is a testament to our employees.
"Again, I want to thank you all for your support and hopefully your continued support for myself and the Patrick County school system," Terry said.