Search warrants for murder case unsealed
Search warrants obtained by the Patrick County Sheriff's Office and Virginia State Police in connection with the disappearance and death of Shelly Vessel Gravely were unsealed during the past week in the Patrick County Circuit Court Clerk's Office.
Gravely was reported missing from her Patrick Springs home on Nov. 15. After an extensive search lasting several days, her body was found in Henry County on Nov. 22.
Gravely's former boyfriend, Anthony Octavius "Skeet" Joyce, has been charged with first-degree murder, abduction and robbery.
The search warrants were used to investigate Gravely's mobile home and cell phone, Joyce's cell phone and vehicle, and the victim's DNA, among several other items connected to the case.
One of the text messages on Gravely's phone was sent to a male friend who had asked to visit her on Nov. 14. According to the court records, Gravely texted, "No! Don't come, he is coming over to get the rest of his clothes," apparently referring to Joyce.
Gravely and Joyce broke up on Nov. 13, the documents indicate.
"They argued over money and about having relationships with other people," the records state.
The records reveal that a comforter, cell phone and wallet were taken from Gravely's home, but other belongings--including her shoes, purse, coats and keys--were found inside the home.
When deputies entered the home on Nov. 15, they discovered blood on a pillow in the bedroom and blood smears on a remote control on a night stand next to the bed," the court records state.
Officers seized several items, including two pillowcases with red stains and two remote controls with red stains, the records show.
Other items seized included swabs of a yellow stain on a twin bed comforter, a small piece of yellow foam, two small, reddish-orange fibers from a body-length pillow, two fabric sections from the mattress in the master bedroom, fibers from wood around the catch of the doorway to the master bedroom, and swabs of stains on the bathroom floor, documents state.
Other items seized by police included two swabs of the carpet near the bed, a CD containing digital crime scene photos, a laptop computer, white tissue with red stains from a trashcan, and a swab of red stain from leaves of a property on Stella Loop Road, records indicate.
Joyce is being held without bond in Patrick County Jail.