Report: Patrick schools
"relatively productive"
A new report released July 9 by the Center for American Progress examines the productivity of almost every major school district in the country.
The report found that some school districts in Virginia--including Lynchburg City Schools, Buena Vista City Public Schools, and Franklin City Public Schools--showed significantly less educational productivity than their peers.
The study also reveals relatively productive school districts in Virginia, including Patrick County Public Schools, Scott County Public Schools, and Franklin County Public Schools.
The report identifies Patrick County as "rural: distant," lists enrollment at 2,507, and lists per-pupil expenditure at $9,032.
The study by Senior Fellow Ulrich Boser measures the academic achievement that a school district produces relative to its educational spending, while controlling for factors outside a district's control, such as cost of living and students in poverty.
The report follows up on a 2011 CAP study and shows that low educational productivity remains a deeply pressing problem in our nation, with billions of dollars lost in low-capacity districts.
Fairfax County Public Schools, the largest school district in the state, posted relatively high results.
The productivity ratings of more than 7,000 districts, as well as detailed information on district achievements and spending in almost 40 states, are available online at