EDA buys property for
potential development
By Nancy Lindsey
The Patrick County Economic Development Authority (EDA) has purchased 4.8 acres of land along Rt. 58 for potential development, County Administrator Tom Rose said recently.
According to county land transfers recorded in the Patrick County Clerk's Office for July, the EDA purchased a 2.0 acre tract known as the Smith property for $50,000 and a 2.8 acre tract from the Piedmont Regional Services Board for $110,000.
Rose said there were no minutes to reflect the EDA's decision to purchase the property because the board discussed it in executive session in meetings on April 10 and July 15. (Real estate is one of the exemptions public bodies are allowed to discuss in closed session under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.)
A poll vote was taken July 29 "in order to confirm and to have record of the decision to purchase the two properties," Rose said in response to a question from The Enterprise.
All EDA members voted in favor of the purchase. Members are Glenn Roycroft, chairman; Dale Puckett, vice chairman; Bill Clark, secretary/treasurer, Ron Haley, Clayton Kendrick, Terry Dalton, and Brenda Roberson.
Rose said the EDA used its rent from Results, the call center located in Rich Creek Corporate Park, rather than taxpayers' money, to buy the property.
The land purchased is located in Patrick Springs at the intersection of Rt. 58 and Martin Farm Road, Rose said.
"It's road frontage in the county's largest growth corridor," Rose said. "It lays well on Rt. 58 and has infrastructure needed to market it to businesses."
Rose said the EDA has land available in the industrial park, but needed road frontage to attract potential retail businesses.
"We need to expand and increase our revenue stream," Rose said. "We could potentially sell it, or ideally, lease the property to a business."
"It's a good deal," Rose added.