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Cox announces candidacy
William Carr, 69, of Patrick County, announced March 28 that he will challenge Ninth District Congressman Morgan Griffith in the November election.
Carr, who opposed Griffith in the 2010 Republican primary, which was won by Griffith with less than 51% of the vote, said he will run as an independent.
Carr is a retired businessman who lives in the Ararat community with his wife, Vanessa. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University and is the father of four children and the grandfather of six.
He is a Christian and has served as a bishop in his faith. He said his constitutional values have made him a frequent speaker at conservative rallies throughout Southwest Virginia.
Carr said he plans to run as an independent because he doesn't believe the Republican Party will allow anyone to challenge Griffith in a fair race in the Republican primary, and that the party is working to eliminate "true conservatives" from winning any race.
Carr said the most important issues are the federal budget and the federal debt.
"Our federal government spends several hundred billion dollars more than it takes in every year and we are now more than 17 trillion dollars in debt," Carr said. That amount represents a $55,000 debt for every citizen in the United States.
"What this means is we have mortgaged the future of our youth and what do we have to show for this enormous debt? Absolutely nothing," Carr said.
Carr said he would not vote for a budget that continues to increase the national debt and would work toward a constitutional amendment that would require a balanced federal budget.
"If we do not get this budget crisis under control the United States government will default soon and our economy will collapse," Carr said. "Entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will be in danger of being eliminated due to lack of funds."
Carr is concerned about what he calls "the continued abuse of power by the federal government" and federal control of the educational system. He is opposed to the Affordable Care Act, believes in public prayer, and is a strong advocate of Second Amendment rights to gun ownership.
Carr is the author of The Modern Patriot: A Call to Action. The book addresses the issues in detail and is available on