you (Amy Vernon) should think about what could occur that would be so bad a principal would have to be removed in the middle of the day on a Friday afternoon."
Burnett was also quoted as saying, "the Patrick County School Board is in constant contact with and fully supports the superintendent."
"Defendant Sroufe knew and intended this plan of action would cause Plaintiff's reputation personally and professionally, and further this plan did cause Plaintiff damage emotionally, including humiliation and embarrassment, as well as damage her economically in the future by diminishing her earning capacity throughout the education community, in Patrick County and the surrounding areas," the suit states.
"Defendant Patrick County School Board knew the statement by Kandy Burnett to Amy Vernon was false and provably so given the response by Ronnie Terry, Patrick County School Board Chairman, at the...meeting on May 14...wherein he said, in closed session, the School Board had no reason beyond the seven items listed by Defendant Sroufe in his letter...for the removal of Plaintiff as principal of Stuart Elementary School," the suit states.
The civil action seeks a judgment against Sroufe and the school board "jointly and severally" for the sum of $5,200,000 in actual damages and no less than $350,000 in punitive damages, along with costs, post-judgment interest "and for such other and further relief as the court deems just and proper.
"Plaintiff respectfully requests a trial by jury," the suit concludes.
The suit was filed by Waldron's attorneys, Roger B. Willetts and Joseph B. Yount III, both of Waynesboro.